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(Batman fanworks from a Timcentric individual. )

18 September
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Hello, my name is Meg. I love Batman and I’m no one of consequence!

Herein lays my lair of Batman fanart, a complexerie of cuteness, ridiculous, and love; hand crafted to fit my personal interests and (with luck!) the interest of others!

What to expect from the fan-cave!
BEWARE, for within the walls of this hallowed cave resides a smattering of the following:

- Het, Yaoi/BL, and Yuri/GL in the form of my Bat pairing preferences
- Fanfiction
- Fan-made icons
- Fan animations
- Tim Drake being ridiculously cute and out of character.

If these options aren’t how you’d like your favorite DC heroes to be bastardized, then I encourage you to look in another direction! I’m sure you’ll find something awesome, as there are ten tons of amazing fan-artists out there who do what I don’t and vice-versa!!

( Here, look, see?
http://eiko-chan.deviantart.com/http://redren3.deviantart.com/http://northernbanshee.deviantart.com/ ♥ )

This journal will be FRIENDS LOCKED to discourage the tainting of young minds! All cute harmless art will be UN-FRIENDS LOCKED for all to enjoy!

If you want in on the good stuff, all you need do is comment on the “To be added” friends entry with your username, and the love will be totally mutual!

Contact info, Deal Info, Resource information, and Chums!
You can get in contact with me via:

Hotmail/msn: soulfulmanifesto@hotmail.com
DeviantArt: crimsonescapist.deviantart.com
Or good ol’ Livejournal notification system!


Art trades: If I have time: ALWAYS. I *love* doing art trades!! (PS: People I come to love usually get intense smatterings of gift art! ♥)

Requests: Requests generally come to the bottom line of: “If I am inspired, I will do it.” Otherwise, don’t expect too much!

Commissions: Commissions are a cat of another color! As I have no paypal, I would seek alternative methods of payment, such as:

A) Fanfiction
B) DA subscription
C) Pictures of Nightwing or Superboy being handsome, adorable, or sexy. <3

Drop me a message and we’ll iron it out!


If you’d like to see what textures I used in a piece of art, or are looking for who made art for what icon I did, look no further than my ★Resources!★ page! It will be uploaded frequently with links to texture packs I used, and specific citing for particular pictures. <3


I have many good friends, some of which I will feature here from time to time!
★Here are some of my main homies who I think you should totally check out!★


- Meg

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